"The DJ” - a short storyline to our episodes and our caracters briefly.

In this TV series, we follow our main character Peter, a hardworking DJ, who has worked as a DJ for many years. It´s a journey through his life and music as a DJ from 1984 to 2012. Already as a child he dreamt of becoming the world’s best DJ. When he turned twenty, he finally felt that he was ready to meet the world. When you are playing on stage in front of a large audience, sometimes with several thousands of people, it is an absolutely overwhelming feeling. You simply feel the music, the energy, the dancing and you just are “The DJ”. But the life as a DJ, also has several setbacks such as broken relationships too much alcohol, drugs and betrayal.

In each episode, we follow Peter on his various gigs. We meet his family, girlfriends, the audience, the clients, his manager. We also get to meet his friends and hang out with his semi-criminal gang and experience their rise and fall. We follow Peter and his constant drive to become a better DJ and his search for the best music and the latest sound.

Our timeline in the series is from the 1980s until the 2010s when Peter is at the beginning of his career, when his career is at its peak and when life and his career goes downhill. This story is a TV series of 14 episodes, of about 25-30 minutes, based on real events.

Pehr Arte & Per Sandström

Peter's family, friends and associates briefly:

Peter grew up on Östermalm in Stockholm. He went to primary school at Gärdesskolan, Östermalm. with Jim, Robban, Björn, Gunnar, Carina and Dorothea. Later on the rest of the gang showed up in high school at Östra Real. Alvaro, Paula, Anneli, Ann. And even later people like David, Boris, Mischa and Dragan joins our story.

Peters father is Sven who is nearly two meters and thin. He works as an accountant. Dad always worked, but when he was at home he listened to jazz. Dad is a so-called jazz freak - a "Dixie guy”. When Peter was 13 his father got a severe MS disease and dies later on in the middle of the series.

Peters mother is Barbro, who works part time as a medical secretary. She is very interested in art, books and fashion. She is a member of the Moderna Museet. She looks very Swedish, who also has a passion to cook and made really good food.

Peter's sister Tina is a strong stubborn girl, that finds her on way and later on becomes a successfull lawyer. She works in the media industry as a lawyer. Worked for a period in New York and in London and later became friends with Paula. Paula begins her education and internship as a lawyer with Tinas new lawyer firm in Sweden.

Jim - The boss of the Gang - Peter's best friend since elementary school
Alvaro - a hustler from Rågsved and really streetsmart.
Paula - Alvaro's cool skate sister from Rågsved who becomes a lawyer.
David - Peter's DJ friend who also worked at Pet sounds.
Robban - the “normal” guy who also parties with his gang, who later turns gay.

Gunnar - Peter's classmate in primary school
Björn - the one in charge of the gold teeth business, girlfriend Carina
Douglas - The Golden Baron - Björn's Dad
Carina - Östermalm's bride 1, together with Björn, primary school
Dorothea von Grapenlöf - Östermalm's bride 2, primary School
Michelle Karlssson - Östermalm's bride 3, Primary School

Dave - Peter manager since the 1990.

Juan - The leader of Los Locos Chilenos, LLC and Alvaros big brother.
Eddie - part of LLC
Ormen Ali - part of LLC

Mischa - part of the Yugoslavien mafia
Dragan - part of the Yugoslavien mafia
Boris - part of the Russian mafia
Svetlana - part of the Russian mafia, together with Boris.

Among others.

Episode 1 - Peters first gig 1984
Peter's first real gig as a DJ was at the nightclub 84 in Stockholm. There the new cool synth music mixed with new wave and rock music was played. There, Peter meets Lenita a cool Finnish model. Peter was twenty years old and got the unique chance to play in one of Sweden's coolest rock club at the time. - Wow, now it's really happening!

Episode 2 - The Gang 1987
Here we meet Peter's parents, his friends, his gang and Peter's best friends which is Björn, Jim, Alvaro, Paula, Robban and Gunnar who all are working to scrape old tooth gold in Björn's basement (which is under Björns fathers Jewellery shop) to earn some extra money.
Jim - Hej listen up guys I just had a meeting today with Mischa part of the Yugoslavian mafia. - So right now gentlemen, we have been offered to work with a really cool new club. Björn - Well, what do you mean? says Björn and Robban.
Jim - Well listen everyone, according to Mischa, we would get 5% on all the revenue, if we could just get the right people there, you know the party people and the really good looking girls and that we make sure to play the best latest music, do you follow?

Episode 3 - Vivienne Westwood in Helsinki 1988
Peter is back in Stockholm after being in New York,where he bought some new records. He has no job and is feeling terribly low. Mom calls and tells him that Dad's illness has worsened and tells Peter that he really needs to get in touch more often. His father has severe MS. Lenita and Peter had not been in contact with each other for a few months now. He feels brutally self-destructive and depressed. All of a sudden Lenita calls from Helsinki and asks if Peter can come and play in Helsinki. Peter was to play in an old prison for a big fashion show, with the legendary designer Vivienne Westwood.

Episode 4 - First night at Starclub 1994
A new club had opened on Birger Jarlsgatan, The Star Club.
The owner Dragan, who was Yugoslavian, they knew from his old club, Club Neon.
One day Dragan calls and asks Peter if he is currently playing anywhere. Peter responds that he mostly works worked as a freelancer and at private parties. Dragan asks if Peter wants to try to play one night at the Star Club. Peter feels really great after that and is really looking forward to DJ on one of Stockholms largest dance floors.

Episode 5 - The trip to Tangier 1995
Peter and Jim have been planning to go to Morocco for a long time and this summer they do it. Peter is fascinated by the food, the people, and the music in Morocco. Once in Tangier, they meet a crazy man named called Steve. Suddenly when they are hanging out at his place, Steve stands up and roars - I'm gonna blow your mind off, with the coolest rai music, you ever heard. Peter - Go for it, he shouts back. He puts on some fantastic Rai music by Khaled very loud. The next day, Dave his maneger, faxes and asks Peter to come home and play at a Rai concert at the Moderna Muséet.

Episode 6 - Wedding in Båstad 2004
When Peter is having lunch with Maria and his sister at restaurant Prinsen. A guy called
Carl von Rosen, calls him on his mobile phone. Carl was going to be married and have a wedding party in Båstad, where the family has a large house up on Hallandsåsen. He wonders if Peter wants to play the music that night. He has a very generous budget and wants it to be the best wedding party ever.
When Peter finally gets there, Lenny the party fixer runs up to him and asks in an arrogant way: Lenny - I guess there will be a lot of schlager music tonight and all the great hits. You know that celebrities usually like that? Peter says in an ice-cold voice - That he has worked in nightclubs for over twenty-five years, and knows what to play! There and then he decides that there will be extra hard club hits and no fucking schlager!

Episode 7 - Conrad in ST Petersburg 1990
Peter’s friend Conrad, an artist, was asked to have an exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and here Peter would be the DJ. Conrad, Peter, Jim, Alvaro and a technician named Lukas drives there in two packed Volvo cars. Conrad is a very special person and can say just about anything, to anyone, which creates a bit of strange situations. Here the gang meets Boris and Svetlana and their friends at Leningrad Rock Club, with whom they later start doing various business with. A completely crazy journey!

Episode 8 - Ali the Worm on TC! 1997
Peter will be playing at the TC club the upcoming Saturday. Alvaro's sister Paula helps Peter out and jumps in as an extra DJ, now and then. At that time, the TC club had Stockholm's best dance floor and a really good sound and lighting system. On a typical Saturday night, there were between 800-900 party people. One night when Peter is playing, he sees two tough guys standing and arguing with each other, behind the DJ booth. After a while, the guys start to fight hard. One of the guys stands very close to Peter, so he grabs him and says - If you do not stop fighting now, I'll call the guards, fool! The guy is not large, but he turns around in a flash and looks Peter dead straight in the eye. Peter has never gotten such a look in his entire life and shortly after that there is severe fighting all around the entire club.

Episode 9 - Peter is DJ for the first time 1975
Peter's friend Robban was the first to have a party with a disco at home, when they were in the sixth grade. It was the first real party without any parents. His sister had shown him how to do when to dance. Peter had invited Annika, the prettiest girl in the class.
Now Peter would finally be a real DJ for the first time. There was only one record player, so it is important to be as fast as possible when changing records. He already has a small record collection with hit songs like Abba, Harpo, Björn Skifs etc.

Episode 10 - The Hells Angels party in Åre 2002 
Dave, Peter's manager, calls and tells him that he is now booked on Friday at a gig for “Byggtolvan”, at Skanska Building company, who were to have a wrap party in the Swedish ski resort Åre. The event company had rented the entire train set "Åretåget" which runs from Stockholm to Åre. Åretåget is an old expresstrain that has been rebuilt for parties. When Peter gets on the train, he starts unpacking his records in the small DJ corner. In the train there are ten bikers in their sixties. Then the whole train suddenly shouts out - Hello to the King DJ. Everyone comes forward to Peter and wants to shake his hands and pads him on his shoulder. A man who is a number bigger than everyone else, called Axel tells Peter. - You know what to play tonight right? He holds his arm tightly and looks him hard in the eyes. - Otherwise you’ll have to answer to this one! He holds up his big fist in Peter’s face and the whole gang laughs out loud! Peter laughs along, although a little bit stressed.

Episode 11 - The Christmas party at Münchenbryggeriet 2000
Peter is hired to play at a Christmas party at Münchenbryggeriet for the staff of an international company and there are about 100 people at the venue. Peter has previously played at a number of Christmas parties that were more or less fun. Christmas parties are much like staff parties, but there is always more alcohol and people get really drunk.
Then he suddenly appears, the guest from hell. The man sways heavily, has difficulty walking, and a huge whiskey glass in one hand. He tries to focus his eyes on Peter and stands dangerously close to his expensive Dj equipment. The guest says -You… you..you..never play any good music? Then he slurs with an arrogant tone - Play Equador with Sash motherfucker! Now Peter starts to get really tired of this guy, the song is completely useless, the guy is disgusting. Then he roars - You are a fucking lousy DJ!

Episode 12 - The Journey to Amsterdam 2005
Peter’s manager Dave calls and asks if Peter wants to travel this weekend!
- Sure, says Peter! It is an international hair brand, that was going to have a conference in a luxury seaside resort outside Amsterdam. Once in Amsterdam, Peter goes into a coffee shop and buys some of the weakest grass they have. He sits down in a corner of the empty coffee shop and rolls a small joint. Thinking about his upcoming gig and what he should play and suddenly he feels really stressed and everything starts to spin in his head. Then a girl comes up to Peter and wonders if he is Tom Waits.
- No sorry I am not Tom Waits - I am Peter a DJ from Sweden!

Episode 13 - The party at Sturebadet 1999
After the successful robbery, Jim and Alvaro now wanted to have Stockholm's best party. They would solve a lot of shit with the cash, but above all, pay off all the fucking debts to Dragan and Boris. They are finally able to start all over again, completely debt free, a damn good feeling, after all the years of hard work and bad business. Before the robbery, everything had gone relatively well, but they had never earned the really big money. Now they begin to get a name in Stockholm's underworld. Now they will be able to show everybody, who they really are. They feel so cool after the robbery and Jim suggests they rent Sturebadet and put on the greatest party of the century. However, they did not know, that they had both the police and other gangs monitoring there every move.

Episode 14 - The last Hour at Star Club 2007
The evening is almost over, and Peter has had one of his absolutely best gigs ever. Peter puts on Chemical Brothers - Hi Boy, Hi Girl, at the highest volume and the stroboscope slams into the walls. It culminates in a kind of crescendo and everyone on the dance floor cheers hysterically. Peter works like a maniac, like a music scenographer or an audio artist who paints in different colors. Afterwards, he is completely exhausted, but James wants him to come to an after-party. He has fixed a limousine, despite the very short trip, but it is important for James that they travel in style. Katinka and Karin shouts from inside the car - Party, Party! Before James jumps into the car, he shouts at two beautiful girls
- Now the champagne express is going, join us? The two girls laugh and gets into the car.